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Questions About Down Syndrome

Are there different types of Down Syndrome? Is Down Syndrome Inherited? What causes it? Is it my fault?

Will my baby learn things? When will my baby reach his developmental milestones?

What effect will these physical characteristics have on my baby's health?

What are congenital heart defects? Are there specific medical issues I should watch for?

Where can I go for help? What types of professionals will provide services? Where do we start?

Articles About Down Syndrome

- a guide to help physicians treating patients with Down syndrome. Revised for 1999.

- an article written by Mary Wilt (the mom of a girl with Down syndrome) which originally appeared in Women's Day magazine.

- a review of research with families of children with Down syndrome.

- a review of information about multivitamin treatments for Down syndrome.

- a guide to helping you choose a music therapist for your child.

- a guide to purchasing toys to foster cognitive development and creativity. This article was written exclusively for Down Syndrome: For New Parents by Dr. Rab.

- an article from MSNBC published in May, 2000 dealing with the completion of the mapping of chromosome 21 and the possibility of this leading to treatments for Down syndrome.

- an article from the Medical Tribune News Service published in March, 1999 describing the possible benefits of Aricept as a treatment for Down syndrome. The article discusses a very small study conducted at Duke University.

- an article from the Associated Press published in January, 2000 describing a study that was published in The Lancet. The study suggests that people with Down Syndrome have a decreased risk of contracting cancer (excluding leukemia) as compared to the general population.

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