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Recommended DVDs

To order any DVD on this page, simply click on the title.

Baby Mozart Music Festival
Walt Disney DVD
DVD - 2002

It's called "the Mozart Effect," the notion that exposing youngsters to the melodies of Mozart and other classical musicians can improve verbal ability, spatial intelligence, creativity, and memory. I don't know if the "Mozart Effect" is real, but I do know that when Mikey was a baby he loved the music and the images that go along with them.

Baby Bach Musical Adventure
Walt Disney DVD
DVD - 2002

From the makers of "Baby Mozart". This is another DVD that Mikey loved as the music and the images create an entertaining 30 minutes. These two DVDs are a nice change of pace from the violence found even in children's DVDs.

More from the Baby Einstein Family of DVDs

Teletubbies: Nursery Rhymes
PBS Home Video
VHS - 1998

With the Teletubbies, you either love them or hate them. Mikey loved them. And your child, too, will probably be bouncing to the music of King Pleasure and the Biscuit Boys as they sing "The Duke of York" and "Hickory Dickory Dock". This is the only Teletubbies episode that I could ever stand to watch. It isn't available on DVD and it isn't even for sale except through the Amazon marketplace, but if your child is addicted to the Teletubbies then buy this one episode just to save whatever is left of your sanity.

The Adventures Of Elmo In Grouchland
Sony Pictures
DVD - 1999

Elmo from Sesame Street is so popular he even has his own full length motion picture! Ignore the plot and enjoy the talents of Mandy Patinkin (Chicago Hope), Vanessa Williams, and the whole Sesame Street gang as they go in search of Elmo's lost blanket. Mikey could not get enough of this movie and neither will your Sesame Street fan.

More for those who can't get enough Elmo

And let's not forget Mikey's absolute favorite, SpongeBob!

To order any DVD on this page, simply click on the picture.